This is a new plugin and plugin is for enhancing UI installation, plugin provides visually engaging prompts and graphics, enticing users to install the Progressive Web App (PWA) onto their devices.

You can elevate User Experience with Enhanced PWA UI Installation.

Follow the steps : 

  1. Install the plugin via Joomla Installer
  2. Go to Plugins and search for PWA
  3. You will see plugin title : System - Richer Install UI PWA
  4. Click and enter to plugin backend
  5. Switch / Toggle Inline Help for the inline help ( Joomla 4, Joomla 5 )
  6. Roll your mouse over the parametertitle for description ( Joomla 3 )
  7. Create 1920 x 1080 pixel banner for desktop prompts
  8. Create 360 x 640 pixel banner for desktop prompts
  9. Enable plugin and SAVE

That is it NOW

Go to plugin System - PWA Progressive Web App

  1. Section / Tab : "Naming"
  2. Find "Description"
  3. You can use emojis and \n for a multiline description.
  4. For example : 

    This is the Richer PWA Install UI!.\n⚡️ You can use line breaks and emojis and a banner \n⚡️ Your visitors can decide easier with such install prompt..\n⚡️ Developed by experienced Joomla Developer\n⚡️Create an app version of your Joomla site\n⚡️by the TOP RATED and the BEST PWA Plugin

  5. After the edit, Click to "SAVE" 2 times. Your manifest file will be re-created.


Thank for choosing the most advanced and the top rated Joomla Progressive Web App (PWA) Plugin